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From temporary arrangements to permanent change: Assessing the transitional capacity of city street experiments

Open-access scientific publication in the Journal of Urban Mobility

EX-TRA Deliverable 4.1  Comparative policy analysis 

Document analysis to map the institutional and policy context of urban mobility in the testbeds. Comparative description of organizational and legal frameworks, and of policy aims, measures, and actors.

April 2022

Piazza scolastica in via Procaccini: allestimento temporaneo per sperimentare un nuovo spazio pedonale

Article on the Fondazione Innovazione Urbana website (Italian)

January 2022

Reimagining London’s transport system:  Progressing pedestrianisation in London,

Article for the Centre for London by Enrica Papa and Ersilia Verlinghieri

Addressing the unjust treatment of pedestrians at signalised intersections

Open-access scientific publication in the Journal 'Transportation Research Procedia'

EX-TRA Deliverable 2.1 Inclusive Accessibility by Proximity Index, Version 1 

The IAPI is a quantitative tool for assessing the level of access through active mobility, at a basket of daily, basic services at the district level.

October 2021

Geo Open Accessibility Tool (GOAT)

GOAT is an interactive web tool for creating accessibility analyzes for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, as well as city and district planning.

VerDuS-podcast #2 Een goed milieu begint in je straat

Episode 2 of the VerDus podcast with Luca Bertolini (Dutch)

Street Experiments Tool (SET)

The S.E.T. platform offers a collection of resources for implementing and supporting street experiments

Luca Bertolini on… creating systemic change by learning from urban experiments

Urban Voices series by the European Urban Knowledge Network

September 2021

Street Space

Feature in the South Woodford Gazette about EX-TRA's research in the area

February 2022