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Exploring street experiments in Islington and Hackney

As part of our recent biannual meeting in London, we were taken on a tour through Islington and Hackney to see a selection of street experiments and other adaptations to the urban environment which have been made to improve the streets for people. The experiments we visited varied in many ways - in aesthetic, function, implementation process, and when they were created. The photo series below illustrates just some of these, and help us to consider what we mean when we talk about 'street experiments'.

Public square with planting by residents. Large boulders for visitors and passersby to rest - and for children to climb! London Borough of Islington.
Retro-fitted drop curb, added in the 21st century, so that cyclists can cross between these two streets. London Borough of Hackney.
This sign implements a school street, where vehicular traffic is restricted during school drop-off and pick-up hours. London Borough of Islington.
Traffic filter - part of the St Peter's Low Traffic Neighbourhood - implemented to prevent through-traffic. Permit and blue badge holders are not prevented from passing through. London Borough of Islington.
Herb garden built by a resident, and made permanent with the support of Hackney Council. Previously a car parking space, the herb garden is now surrounded by a new double yellow line! London Borough of Hackney.
Cargo bike sharing station on Broadway Market. These cargo bikes can be hired by anyone. The space is also being used for regular bike parking. London Borough of Hackney.

Thank you to our tour guides: Julie Plichon, London Borough of Islington; Tyler Linton, London Borough of Hackney; Susanne Grieshaber, Brenda Puech, Streets for People.

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