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Street Experiments Tool (SET)

The S.E.T. platform offers a collection of resources for implementing and supporting street experiments. 

SET Supports Cities, Organizations, And Society To Experiment The Change They Want To See In Their Streets.


WalkUrban aims to better understand local accessibility and urban walkability in order to free up the potential for walking.

By exploring the links between objective, subjective and perceived walking accessibility the project will identify key enabling and hindering factors for walking in various urban neighbourhoods. This will be done in close collaboration with local stakeholders and citizens in the three chosen European cities: Genoa,

Dortmund and Gothenburg. The ultimate aim is to provide local solutions to support walking as a zero-emission, sustainable and active transport mode in urban areas.

Geo Open Accessibility Tool (GOAT)

GOAT is an interactive web tool for creating accessibility analyzes for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, as well as city and district planning.

Work on the development of GOAT has been ongoing since 2017. The biggest milestone so far was the release of version 1.0 and the founding of Plan4Better as core developer, as well as distributor of the software. Currently, numerous new features are being developed in a co-creative process as part of the 3-year project “GOAT 3.0” (mFUND funding line 2).

Claiming the Streets

This (developing) platform aims to change this by enabling an encounter between hitherto separate enquiries into the past, present and future of city streets as social spaces, and between academic enquiries and practice experiences. We aim to enable both place-based events and ongoing digital exchanges, and started with a kick-off conference in Amsterdam in June 2022

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